In one of the lamps in our courtyard a hummingbird made its nest.


We think this is a bird of paradise. It’s one of the plants in our courtyard. If you look closely, you can see the hummingbird on it. I witnessed it presumably getting nectar in the flower but could not get the camera quick enough for the postcard shot! Still, I think this turned out pretty good. The opportunity to see this while sitting at the dining room table is pretty amazing.

This was a huge butterfly that hung out for awhile on the wall.

Also on the walls we saw several geckos.  This one was just a baby!

I liked the sounds they made, like a cross between a cricket and a bird.

Here’s one even smaller – enough to fit through the cracks and visit our bedroom:

Well this is about the most interesting thing that happened to me on the trip.  Erik and I were laying on the bed and I felt a bug crawling up my arm.  As usual, I let out my bug squeal and tried to blow it off (I don’t like the idea of squishing bugs on myself).  It did not work at first so I had to try even harder.  When it was finally off me I looked down on the bed and saw that it was a baby scorpion!  Before my heroic husband saved me from this daunting beast, I snapped photos and this was the best.  It’s a little fuzzy but you can see it.

So the next photos aren’t exactly nature, but they are animals, so…

This is Chuy Burrito Bear, Jen’s chihuahua. He packed a lot of personality into hs tiny physique. Erik said that Chuy changed his mind about chihuahuas.  Chuy (which we thought was spelled Chewy at first) likes being sung to. He’ll run up wagging his tail and sit down right in front for a good show. I made up a song for him that I still get in my head! “Chewy, chewy, chewy, chewy, chewychewychewychewy taco.” But then Jen corrected me, so I added “or should I say burrito”. I think that was his favorite, as he never tired of hearing it!

Chuy, on the left, did not like horses. I might need to post that yet – horses with wagons rode on the streets along with cars. Chuy barked ferociously at the horses whenever he heard them. Pistol, on the right, would come to Chuy’s aid when Chuy started to go nuts! Jen’s quarters were on the back side not open to the street as ours was here. The good dog lover that I am, I enjoyed hanging out with these pups and giving them some doggie tv.  I had to take a pic of this to remember!

So we are home safe and sound now!  Already I am missing aspects of Nicaragua.  I will keep posting pictures as I go through them.  There just wasn’t enough time on the trip to do it all.  Coming up is our stay in a beach house on the Pacific coast, our day tour of Pueblos Blancos and Masaya, and our final days in Nicaragua!


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