All aboard La Fierita

This is a boat ride we signed up for that went around the 365 isletas created by a Mombacho volanic eruption on the huge Lake Nicaragua.

Some people live on the islands. Homes range from thrown together shacks to mansions.

I made sure to get the phone number clearly in this shot. Anyone interested?

There are bars and restaurants, and even hotels being built, but I don’t think stopping at them was included in our tour 😦 Such a rough time we’re having here…

This is Monkey Island. Someone brought them here and takes care of them. They like bananas but we didn’t have any. Our guide said they especially like cookies.  I happened to have guayaba filled ones as a snack for us but donated them by tossing like frisbees!


If you can stand to look past the gorgeous gringos in this shot you’ll see Vulcan Momacho in the background.

Well that’s it for now.  I will still post more photos and info, but not likely until later today.  We are trying to book a hotel in Managua for tomorrow night so we are closer to the airport for our early morning flight, and so we can see another part of Nicaragua.  Until then…



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