Watch out! You learn quickly to look down when you’re walking. There are often holes in the sidewalk. These are actually smaller from what we’ve seen.

Rainy nights: It’s so odd to have it rain in the sala, or living room, but we’ve gotten used to it. It falls down the chains (mostly) and into the grooves in the courtyard.

Guava sherbert or gelato (whatever it was) is very refreshing on a hot, humid, sunny afternoon. Look closely at the brand name of the cone…

Table or chair?  Hotel Spa Granada displays many artistic chairs.  Erik enjoyed snapping photos of the varied sizes, shapes, colors, and styles.

This is in the same hotel.  This is one of if not the nicest bathroom in Granada.


One thought on “More Nica your way

  1. Why am I not surprised to see a photo of you sitting on a toilet! 😉 Hope you continue to have what appears to be a fabulous trip!

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