Taxis are cheap here; 10 cordoba for a ride within the central part of Granda. That’s about 42 cents US$, but it is per person not per trip. They’lll also pick up multiple fares, so you might ride with others. There seems to be a taxi sighting on each block walked, and a minute is too long to not see one.  Drivers use their own cars, and may choose to not spend their money on nonessential items like properly functioning door handles, windows, or upholstery as you can see.  Good thing the limits are not far, as rides are usually less than 5 minutes.

This is the tile company we visited.  They laid a sampling of their tiles in front of the building here.

Making tiles by hand with the exception of some primitive equipment.

We were told that we could take pictures of the workers but not of the tile designs in the shop. The tiles are beautiful, and we will be taking some home, but are restricted by weight guidelines (and need to see what other restrictions). The tiles are inexpensive, but shipping them is so costly that they will not send them anywhere else. It is a uniquely Nicaraguan treat.

This is a Granada street dog. There are so many strays. Most are skinny, this one seems to be alright. Our friend, Jen, started a nonprofit called Granada Animal Outreach (GAO). They currently have saved 15 dogs from starvation. Strangely, the dogs are well behaved. Foster homes and permanent placement are needed for these pups. To give an idea for a donation, $25 will provide medical care including spaying/neutering as well as cover food for a month.  Jen might be willing to send pics and give updates if someone wants to help sponsor a pup and donate more.  Pay Pal is accepted, but with exorbitant fees, checks are preferred (of course if Paypal is easiest they’d take a cut of money rather than none).  A US nonprofit organization based in TX, where Jen is from, has sponsored GAO. To adopt or donate to this worthy organization, please contact me and I can pass it along, or visit their facebook page at:
WARNING: some of the pictures may be disturbing, as it is the worst of the worst that they try to help, so please keep that in mind, and please consider helping.  Thanks!

One of the things I’ve had to deal with is knowing I’m not in America anymore, and that I can only do so much.  I’ve never been to a third world country, and I feel ever so blessed to have been born in the US.  Sometimes it is hard to see some things here, but it is eye opening and certainly provides me a different perspective.  There are some beautiful places here which I will include in the next post.  Yesterday and today we stayed at a place on the Pacific coast, so I did not create a blog.  Well, that, and I am on vacation first and foremost!

Until tomorrow maybe (after all, it is my 8 year anniversary so maybe not)…


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