My 1st drink in Granada.  The Macua is the Nicaraguan drink with lite rum from here with guayaba juice and orange juice.  The accent is on the last a, so it seems as though I am demanding when I ask for one!  It is pretty darn tasty and oh so worth it.  I like to think, but do actually believe, that fresh pulpy fruit juice in a drink must be beneficial somehow!

Jen, left in the picture, has a fruit lady come to the house once in awhile. We got very fresh food from her. She even cut open the fruit with a very large and very sharp knife, so we could see it was good. Jen paid less for an avocado from someone else but it had worms. This one was definitely beautiful. It was smooth and mellow. We also bought a bright pink spikey fruit but we don’t recall it’s name. The inside is very seedy, but they’re small. The taste and texture is a little like a cross between a watermelon and a kiwi. We also got a pineapple, which is actually white inside here and oh so much sweeter. Each was 30 cordobas, or about $1.20 a piece American. That is about the spendiest fruit we’ve seen, but it was so large, fresh, and tasy as you might be able to see.

I took this because it was different, as you’ll see with other pics. The garages here are on the street, but there are no driveways. Often there will be narrow metal grids for the vehicles to drive upon to get into the attached garages. This is also a good pic which depicts many of the streets in Granada. Brightly colored casas in one solid row sharing walls. An interesting side note is that there are no addresses! We are at Casa Carina (noting the name the owner gave the house). Then the street name is given, Calle Corrales. But that is a long street, so it’s finalized by stating what it’s across from – al frente de Clinic Alamama.

P.S.  I am on my third rum and coke zero tonight – oh, and the 1st one was really 3 because the bartender made them so strong I asked for more coke!  Please forgive missed typos and run ons.  After all, I am on vacation!  (Yet the perfectionist in me has gone back the next morning to correct my errors!)

This is Iglesia del Guadalupe. It’s history is interesting, as usual here! Granada attracted pirates often, and almost every year in the 1500s, I think, they would visit, and burn the roofs of the buildings upon departure. This church was burned by William Walker (from the U.S., trying to claim territory for the states). It still stands…

This property is for sale if anyone wants to move here. Strangely, the influx of Americans and Europeans have made property values soar higher than you would expect.

Anyone up for some Molde bread? (A turn off, but discovered it is for bread from a mold)!

This is a view of the dining room table at night. You can see the open courtyard, the high ceilings, and the partial open roofing.


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