A view of our casa. The kitchen is on the left and bedroom straight back.

Breakfast our first morning. The waiter and also likely owner as seems to be the usual case here, gave me a hard time but was fun.

We have seen two demonstrations so far.  The first was here while we were eating.  Protesters walked down the street chanting.  We only saw part of the signage, but it looked like it was something about a union.  The man said the government has not paid many workers going on months now, and he was suprised many still worked cleaning the streets.

This little piggy went to market. The market has all sorts of items: art, leftover Kohl’s clearance items that we think may be from Goodwill, fresh fruit, beans, rice – the latter in different grades for higher prices which I did not know of before! We were told there was a meat market upstairs, but were warned that we might not want to check it out, so we heeded that. Not soon after I saw a man carrying medium sized piglets in each hand by a hind leg and they were squealing. That was one sight that was hard to see and I had to try to get over it as I am not in “The States”.

Tile tile and more tile:  The streets are mostly made up of different tiles.  Tile is cheaper here, as is labor.  Walking down the calles (streets) tiles will change.  The local tile company has been making tiles by hand for 97 years now.  We met the granddaughter of the man who started the company.  The pics of the tile making process will be coming later…


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