This is my first blog post.  We’ll see how it goes. I hope it will be an easy way to keep folks up to date on what I am doing without bogging down emails.

Our first day arriving in Managua was odd!  The trip from the airport was laden with people walking along and across many of the roads in Managua, and some in Granada, too.  Managua had so much trash on the streets right out of the airport.  We were told about stray dogs and there were many along the side of the road.

We did not realize that is darker here than back home.  The day is shorter, which makes sense when we thought about the earth’s tilt.  Even though it’s north of the equator it is considered winter here now, the rainy season.  Thankfully we have not had much rain during the day.  It has rained nearly every day, but usually at night.  The houses are open here – meaning that the living room and dining room abut the courtyard in the middle.  We learned that houses are required to have two courtyards.

View of the front courtyard from the window in the bedroom

It’s interesting to eat and drink in these areas and have hummingbirds, butterflies, bats, geckos, and even cats visit running across the roof.

The architecture is amazing as described.  Here are some examples of our first day walking around (Tuesday):

First Day exploring the area.

A great day and Erik’s head amongst great architecture in the clouds!



I’ll give more updates later, and try to attach some more pictures if I can.  Thanks for reading!




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